Sentence Examples

  • Naval Constructor R.
  • The town also possesses a bronze statue of the emperor William a monument of the war of 1870-71, and a statue of Benkenhoff, the constructor of the Bromberg Canal.
  • Wolfius infers from this passage that its author was the first actual constructor of a telescope, and it appears not improbable that by happy accident Porta really did make some primitive form of telescope which excited the wonder of his friends.
  • The first constructor of reflecting telescopes on a large scale, William Herschel, never published anything about his methods of casting and polishing specula, and he does not appear to have been very successful beyond specula of 18 in.
  • He is always associated with his brother Trophonius as a wonderful architect, the constructor of underground shrines and grottos for the reception of hidden treasure.

What's another word for constructor?

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