Sentence Examples

  • Each was a father to three kids, aged between tot and teenager.
  • Klasse, (1906), tot sqq.
  • Car tot lo mon sap, quel papa no es negun et que el fa tot go ques vol del papa et de la esglea."
  • Among societies of general utility are the Society for Public Welfare (Maatschappij tot nut van't algemeen, 1785), whose efforts have been mainly in the direction of educational reform; the Geographical Society at Amsterdam (1873); Teyler's Stichting or foundation at Haarlem (1778), and the societies for the promotion of industry (1777), and of sciences (1752) in the same town; the Institute of Languages, Geography and Ethnology of the Dutch Indies (1851), and the Indian Society at the Hague, the Royal Institute of Engineers at Delft (1848), the Association for the Encouragement of Music at Amsterdam, &c.
  • Kluit, Historie der Hollandsche Staatsregering tot 1 795 (5 vols., 1802-1805); G.