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Another word for totalize

  1. To combine (figures) to form a sum

      1. To add up; amount:
      2. To equal a total of; amount to:
      3. To equal a total of; add up to
      1. To total:
      2. To sum or total.
      3. (Brit., Informal) To add; total
      1. To determine the sum of by adding
      2. To get, or come to, a total
      3. (Mathematics) To add.
      1. To provide (a stocking, for example) with a foot.
      2. To add up (a column of numbers) and write the sum at the bottom; total:
      3. To add (a column of figures) and set down a total
      1. To assign a certain role to (an actor):
      2. To give birth to prematurely:
      3. To add up (accounts, a sum, etc.); calculate by arithmetic
      1. To join or unite (something) to something else so as to increase the quantity, number, size, etc. or change the total effect
      2. To constitute an addition:
      3. To combine (numbers) into a sum; calculate the total of
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