Sentence Examples

  • She paused at the last stall and smiled.
  • San Pietro de' Cassinensi (outside the Porta Romana) is a basilica with nave and aisles, founded in the beginning of the i 1th century by San Pietro Vincioli on the site of a building of the 6th century, and remarkable for its conspicuous spire, its ancient granite and marble columns, its walnut stall-work of 1535 by Stefano de' Zambelli da Bergamo, and its numerous pictures (by Perugino, &c.).
  • She hurried to his stall and hugged his neck.
  • Stall, a common Teutonic word for a place, station, place for standing in; the root is the Indo-European sta -, to stand, seen also in Latin stabulum, Greek QTaOµos, and in stallion, an entire horse, properly one kept in a stall and not worked), a word which means literally a place where one may stand, and so is applied to a separate division in a stable, shed, &c., in which a single horse, cow or other domestic animal may be kept, to a separate booth, bench or table in a market .or other building, or in the street, on which goods are exposed for sale by the person owning or licensed to use the same, and in England to the higher-priced seats on the ground floor of a theatre.
  • In a cathedral the canons and prebendaries have each a stall assigned to them.

What's another word for stall?

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