Sentence Examples

  • Wide, and in a freshet in 1870 the scour reached a depth of 51 ft.
  • The natural scour thus created has given a depth of 26 ft.
  • Half the regiments form bands and scour the countryside and put everything to fire and sword.
  • Regular warfare was now at an end, although Turreau and his "infernal columns" still continued to scour the disaffected districts.
  • But like every pure theory the principles of conjugate pressures in earth may lead to danger if not applied with due consideration for the angle of repose of the material, the modifications brought about by the limited width of artificial embankments, the possible contraction away from the masonry, of clayey materials during dry weather for some feet in depth and the tendency of surface waters to produce scour between the wall and the embankment.

What's another word for scour?

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