Sentence Examples

  • He wiped the bloodied knife on its pelt and straightened, meeting her gaze.
  • On the living animal the overhair keeps the fur filaments apart, prevents their tendency to felt, and protects them from injury - thus securing to the animal an immunity from cold and storm; while, as a matter of fact, this very overhair, though of an humbler name, is most generally the beauty and pride of the pelt, and marks its chief value with the furrier.
  • Regarded as useful for felt it is denominated staple fur, while with respect to its use with and on the pelt it is called fancy fur.
  • The pelt or skin is requisite to keep out the piercing wind and driving storm, while the fur and overhair ward off the cold; and "furs" are as much a necessity to-day among more northern peoples as they ever were in the days of barbarism.
  • After the skins have been carefully removed - the sooner after death the better for the subsequent condition of the fur - they are lightly tacked out, pelt outwards, and, without being exposed to the sun or close contact with a fire, allowed to dry in a hut or shady place where there is some warmth or movement of air.

What's another word for pelt?

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