Sentence Examples

  • Perforatum, small shrubby plants with slender stems, sessile opposite leaves which are often dotted with pellucid glands, and showy yellow flowers.
  • The St Lawrence varies only a few feet in the year and always has pellucid bluish-green water, while the Mississippi, whose tributaries begin only a short distance south of the Great Lakes, varies 40 f t.
  • D, Each of the four segment-cells gives rise by division to a small pellucid cell.
  • E, The cap of small cells has increased in number by repeated formation of pellucid cells in the same way, and by division of those first formed.
  • In consequence of its low refractive and dispersive power, colourless pellucid fluor-spar is valuable in the construction of apochromatic lenses, but this variety is rare.

What's another word for pellucid?

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