Sentence Examples

  • She rose and trailed him from the house to the car, unable to guess what could agitate him if killing people didn't.
  • He'd done his part to agitate Kisolm and received every bit as much as he'd given.
  • Her scent permeated his very skin to agitate his already heated blood.
  • Margaret, quarrelling with her husband over money matters, sided at first with Arran and began to agitate for a divorce from Angus.
  • Time was on the side of the moderates; they succeeded in placing General Pichegru, already known for his tendencies towards constitutional monarchy, in the presidential chair of the Council of Five Hundred; and they proceeded to agitate, chiefly through the medium of a powerful club founded at Clichy, for the repeal of the revolutionary and persecuting laws.

What's another word for agitate?

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