Sentence Examples

  • He sensed she wasn't going to budge this time and relented.
  • Unlike her former lovers, he was a man of masterful will, a budge philosopher who carried her intellect by storm before he laid siege to her heart.
  • Wallis Budge (1896, 2 vols., with English translation); the Syriac text of pseudo-Callisthenes by Budge (Cambridge, 1889); cp. K.
  • Budge, who believes it to be a representation of the vertebrae of Osiris, which would be a holy relic); (9) Ilethitische Studien, I., II., Berlin, (1916-9); (10) Contenau, Trente Tablettes Cappadociennes (1919); S.
  • Budge (Oxford, 1886).

What's another word for budge?

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