Sentence Examples

  • The Livingston family then led the Dissenters, who later became Whigs, and the De Lancey family represented the Anglican Tory interests.
  • On the 3rd of July 1778, while a considerable number of the able-bodied men were absent in the Connecticut service, a motley force of about 400 men and boys under Colonel Zebulon Butler were attacked and defeated near Kingston in the "battle of Wyoming" by about I 100 British, Provincial (Tory) and Indian troops under Major John Butler, and nearly three-fourths were killed or taken prisoners and subsequently massacred.
  • It is said that the terms Whig and Tory were first applied to English political parties in consequence of this dispute.
  • He again took his seat in the Lords as a leader of the moderate Tory party.
  • Though a strong Tory and supporter of the hereditary principle, James's attacks on Protestantism soon drove him into opposition.

What's another word for Tory?

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