Sentence Examples

  • It is, however, highly probable that he meant to strike at London if naval affairs went well, but that he was glad to have at hand an alternative which would shroud a maritime failure under military laurels.
  • We receive but what we give, And in our life alone does nature live; Ours is her wedding garment, ours her shroud," with the passage which follows, contain more vividly, perhaps, than anything which Coleridge has written, the expression of the shaping and colouring function which he assigns, in the Biographia Literaria, to imagination.
  • The "sudario" from which it takes its name is asserted to be the shroud in which Joseph of Arimathea wrapped the body of Jesus.
  • We may gain some impression of the mood in which the pilgrims completed their journey, when we read how Paula, the friend of Jerome, expresses herself on her visit to the church of the Sepulchre: "As oft as we enter its precincts we see the Saviour laid in the shroud, and the angel seated at the feet of the dead!"