Sentence Examples

  • The badger does not usually seek to attack, but, when driven to bay, its great muscular power and tough hide render it a formidable antagonist.
  • P. Badger, Nestorians and their Rituals (London, 1852); M.
  • In these plains the fox is most abundant, and the badger and hedgehog are found.
  • Badger testifies that the Syrian proselytes to Rome were superior to their Jacobite brethren, having established schools, rebuilt their churches, increased their clergy, and, above all, having learned to live with each other on terms of peace and charity.
  • RATEL, or Honey-Badger, the name of certain Indian and African small clumsy-looking creatures of about the size and appearance of badgers, representing the genus Mellivora in the family Mustelidae.

What's another word for badger?

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