Sentence Examples

  • A wax candle stood at each side of the minister's bent bald head with its gray temples.
  • The prince allowed no one at Bald Hills to drive with ringing bells; but on a long journey Alpatych liked to have them.
  • He shifts the Dukes about as I might move my serfs from Bald Hills to Bogucharovo or my Ryazan estates.
  • In 875, after the death of the emperor Louis II., Charles the Bald, supported by Pope John VIII., descended into Italy, receiving the royal crown at Pavia and the imperial crown at Rome (29th December).
  • For fifty years the main efforts of Louis were directed to defending his kingdom from the inroads of his Slavonic neighbors, and his detachment from the rest of the Empire necessitated by these constant engagements towards the east, gradually gave both him and his subjects a distinctive character, which was displayed and emphasized when, in ratifying an alliance with his half-brother, the West-Frankish king, Charles the Bald, the oath was sworn in different tongues.

What's another word for bald?

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