Sentence Examples

  • 3 4), a literal interpretation is unnecessary, and the only narrative wherein Levi appears as a person evidently delineates under the form of personification events in the history of the Levites (Gen.
  • But with the French at Civitavecchia (they had left Rome very soon after Mentana) If war for France was not to be thought of, and Napoleon would not promise more than the literal observance of the September convention.
  • Very skilful accommodation was needful, if the limitation of sloths to South America, and of the Ornithorhynchus to Australia, was to be reconciled with the literal interpretation of the history of the Deluge; and, with the establishment of the existence of distinct provinces of distribution, any serious belief in the peopling of the world by migration from Mount Ararat came to an end.
  • Although the term has since been limited by some writers to one particular part of the subject, it seems best to maintain the original and literal meaning.
  • Menahem's system of bi-literal and uni-literal roots was violently attacked by Dunash ibn Labrat, and as violently defended by the author's pupils.

What's another word for literal?

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