Sentence Examples

  • He is said to have been vain and fat, and to have been so fond of display that he was nicknamed Pompicus, or the Showy (unless the epithet refers to his literary style).
  • But it was as a literary critic of unusually clever style and an original vein of wit, that he first became known to the public, with his volume of essays entitled Obiter Dicta (1884).
  • In the House of Commons his light but pointed humour gradually led to the coining of a new word, "birrelling," and his literary and oratorical reputation grew apace.
  • Whether he was writing miscellaneous essays or law-books, his -characteristic style prevailed, and his books on copyright and .on trusts were novelties indeed among legal textbooks, no less :sparkling than his literary Obiter Dicta.
  • He frequently declares that this discovery was the result of the literary labours of his whole life.

What's another word for literary?

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