Sentence Examples

  • The emperor renounced investiture by ring and staff, and permitted canonical elections; the pope on his part recognized the king's right to perform lay investiture and to assist at elections.
  • In the canonical form f=k1(px)5 +k2(gx) 5 +k3(rx) 5 .
  • They must therefore have been regarded as canonical in the first half of the 4th century.
  • The simplest invariant is S = (abc) (abd) (acd) (bcd) cf degree 4, which for the canonical form of Hesse is m(1 -m 3); its vanishing indicates that the form is expressible as a sum of three cubes.
  • This gospel was regarded by many in the first centuries as the Hebrew original of the canonical Matthew (Jerome, in Matt.

What's another word for canonical?

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