Sentence Examples

  • He now became a nude and beardless youth, the type of the young athlete.
  • There is a sheet at the Louvre of much earlier date than the first idea or commission for this particular picture, containing some nude sketches for the arrangement of the subject; another later and farther advanced, but still probably anterior to the practical commission, at Venice, and a MS. sheet of great interest at the Victoria and Albert Museum, on which the painter has noted in writing the dramatic motives appropriate to the several disciples.
  • A network television station announced the arrest of Byron John Jacobson for the murder of Elsie Otis whose nude body was found in rural Kentucky!
  • The nude body of a young girl was found in a wooded area in southern Kentucky.
  • In height; it was begun in 1848, but the work was abandoned in 1855-1877, but was completed in 1884 at a cost of $1,300,000.2 Among statues of Washington are the half-nude seated figure (1843) by Greenough in the Smithsonian Institution, and an equestrian statue (1860) of Washington at the Battle of Princeton by Clark Mills in Washington Circle.

What's another word for nude?

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