Sentence Examples

  • 672680 Unrelated to his predecessor and elected by the nobleswas de posed and tonsured.
  • 33 of the Quinisext council (692) requires even singers and readers to be tonsured.
  • Against all "tonsured" persons, supra); (d) Offences in regard to holy places - " brawling " and such like; (e) Heresy, schism, apostasy, witchcraft.
  • As of old, he must be at least tonsured and without a wife living.
  • It was with the aid of these youthful enthusiasts that Savonarola arranged the religious carnival of 1496, when the citizens gave their costliest possessions in alms to the poor, and tonsured monks, crowned with flowers, sang lauds and performed wild dances for the glory of God.