Sentence Examples

  • The robed man led her into the fortress and wound his way through bright intersections, down stairs, and into a more opulent part of the building.
  • It was the kind of place his brothers would love: opulent and openly displaying signs of wealth.
  • They strode through the opulent mansion down a stairwell spilling into sunlight and swaths of green grass at the side of the main house.
  • The change of fortune proved disastrous to many families, previously to all appearances in opulent circumstances, but by all classes alike their reverses were borne with the greatest bravery.
  • Their Venetian masters at least secured to the islanders external tranquillity, and it is singular that the Turks were content to leave them in undisturbed possession of this opulent and important island for nearly two centuries after the fall of Constantinople.

What's another word for opulent?

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