Sentence Examples

  • In circuit, and of suburbs containing luxuriant gardens.
  • Vegetation is generally luxuriant, and forest clothes portions of the mountain slopes.
  • Some of the volcanic soil is barren, but much of the district is clothed in luxuriant vegetation.
  • Except such as are of coral formation, the Antilles are hilly, not to say mountainous, their summits rising in places to an elevation of 8000 ft., and nearly all, prior to their occupation by Europeans, were covered with luxuriant forest, which, assisting in the collection and condensation of the clouds brought by the trade winds, ensured its own vitality by precipitating frequent and long-continued rains; upon the fertile soil.
  • The surface of the summit (the highest point is variously stated at 3549, 35 82 and 3850 ft.) is broken into small valleys and hills, and is covered with luxuriant vegetation, its flora including the superb orchid Disa grandiflora and the well-known silver tree.

What's another word for luxuriant?

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