Sentence Examples

  • A great cupcake centerpiece idea can turn a lackluster display into a truly exciting layout that will serve the dual purpose of inviting people to look and taste while filling the need for a table centerpiece.
  • Despite the lackluster Chronicles of the Sword mode, you can find clean graphics, 3 excellent new characters, and the deep gameplay that has always been associated with Namco's premier weapon's based fighter.
  • America Ferrera must wear a messy wig, braces and thick-framed glasses to give her a lackluster appearance in direct contrast to the world of beautiful bodies, fashion and flawless makeup in which she works.
  • The judges were a bit disappointed in Richard's performance during the finale and when asked what happened, he commented on how he "choked" and that was the contributing factor to his lackluster dishes.
  • After caring for the hair of his chemical and color treated clients, he found the drying effects of a lathering shampoo sacrificed the integrity of the hair, creating lackluster, dull and dry locks.