Sentence Examples

  • They are bold and skilful sailors and fishermen; other trades, as boat and house building, carving, cooking, net and mat making, are usually hereditary.
  • Mat Shumeri u Akkadi, " land of S.
  • The costume of the Mirdite and Mat tribes is peculiar.
  • Another type of mat is made exclusively from the above-mentioned rope by arranging alternate layers in sinuous and straight paths, and then stitching the parts together.
  • Thus the risings of the 12th Germinal (April I, 1795) ~puiar and of the Ist Prairial (May 20) were economic revolts risings oi rather than insurrections excited by the deputies of the Germ mat Mountain; in order to suppress them the reactionaries called in the army.

What's another word for mat?

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