Sentence Examples

  • While it was in part at least an indictment that Dean had allowed himself to be followed, it was still the best news he'd heard in weeks.
  • The word's out the grand jury is inches away from returning an indictment against Big Daddy Delasandro!
  • On the 26th of June, accompanied by fourteen others, he presented to the grand jury of Westminster an indictment of the duke of York as a Popish recusant.
  • In Siena he wrote his Actio in pontifices romanos et eorum asseclas, a vigorous indictment, in twenty "testimonia," against what he now believed to be the fundamental error of the Roman Church in subordinating Scripture to tradition, as well as against various particular doctrines, such as that of ' P. Orsi in Notizie degli Scavi (1899), 45 2 -47 1; Romische Quartalschrift (1898), 624-631.
  • His petition to the king for a trial by his peers on this indictment was refused, and an attempt to prosecute the publishers of the false evidence in the king's bench was unsuccessful.

What's another word for indictment?

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