Sentence Examples

  • Whether you hire a designer, search through the many design showrooms or you decide to go back to school and immerse yourself in this field, the options numerous and the choice is yours; get started today.
  • They haven't been on the market very long, but it's no surprise that anything that promises to cleanse your body, wash your hair and immerse you in a tub full of bubbles is so tantalizing.
  • Whether you are bidding on an Americana wooden flag or an Oriental rug, taking the time to immerse yourself in the bidding culture will help ensure you don't get burned.
  • Cruise shore excursions are more rigorous, involving hiking or more strenuous physical exercise in order to immerse passengers in the adventure rather than simply show them tourist attractions.
  • Thanks to a wide range of plastic instruments, motion sensors, and other innovations in the industry, players have the ability to truly immerse themselves in the best games of the day.