Sentence Examples

  • C. 70], Indum plerumque vocent, ut ex Myrobalano nigro quem Indum appellant, patet " (op. sup. cit.
  • If it did not extend so far as this it could not be seen as frequently as it is at a distance of 90 from the sup. The accompanying figure shows the form of the outline, as it would appear to an observer on an outer planet were the light of the sun cut off.
  • The nobles who after the sup- Th pression of titles of nobility in 1790 and the arrest mg-,~s.
  • The Both sides employed similar methods: one was sup- Foreigner ported by Normandy, the other by Germany; the (936-954.) archbishop of Reims was for the Carolingians, the Robertinians had to be content with the less influential bishop of Sens.
  • In1815-1816Cousin attained the position of sup pleant (assistant) to Royer-Collard in the history of modern philosophy chair of the faculty of letters.

What's another word for sup?

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