Sentence Examples

  • He moved towards tl e door, calling to them to support his tottering steps.
  • Russia and Turkey, naturally hostile to one another, had taken occasion of the weakness of Persia to forget their mutual quarrels and unite to plunder the tottering kingdom of the Safawid kings.
  • While thrones were falling or tottering in every country in Europe, it was inevitable that excitement and agitation should prevail in Great Britain.
  • After the disasters of the Seven Years' War, gravitated towards the court again and contributed, by his energy and eloquence, to uphold the tottering Hats for several years.
  • During eight years (1806-1814) the chief places of the island had been garrisoned by British troops; and the commander of the force which upheld the tottering rule of Ferdinand at Palermo naturally had great authority.

What's another word for tottering?

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