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Another word for patience

  1. The capacity of enduring hardship or inconvenience without complaint

      1. Restraint under provocation.
      2. The act of forbearing
      3. (Law) The act of giving a debtor more time to pay rather than immediately enforcing a debt that is due.
      1. Patient endurance.
      2. Long and patient endurance of injuries, insults, trouble, etc.
      1. Unresisting acceptance of something as inescapable; submission:
      2. An oral or written statement that one is resigning a position or office:
      3. Patient submission; passive acceptance; acquiescence
      1. Diminution in the physiological response to a drug that occurs after continued use, necessitating larger doses to produce a given response.
      2. A tolerating or being tolerant, esp. of views, beliefs, practices, etc. of others that differ from one's own
      3. Freedom from bigotry or prejudice
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Another word for patience

  1. Willingness to endure

  2. Ability to continue

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Synonym Study

  • Stoicism suggests such endurance of suffering without flinching as to indicate an almost austere indifference to pain or pleasure
  • Forbearance implies restraint under provocation or a refraining from retaliation for a wrong he acted with forbearance toward the hecklers
  • Fortitude suggests the resolute endurance that results from firm, sustained courage the fortitude of the pioneers
  • Endurance stresses the capacity to bear suffering, hardship, or prolonged strain Job's endurance of his afflictions
  • Patience implies the bearing of suffering, provocation, delay, tediousness, etc. with calmness and self-control her patience with children