Sentence Examples

  • Blue is a cool color and creates an ambiance of restiveness and peacefulness.
  • Within the League itself increasing restiveness was shown under the restrictions of its trade policy.
  • Parsimony prevailed, as usual, over prudence, and when the Cossacks showed unmistakable signs of restiveness, the Poles irritated them still further by ordering the construction of the strong fortress of Kudak at the confluence of the Dnieper and the Samara, to overawe the Zaporozhian community.
  • The fact that the Vatican presents a great force hostile to and obstructive of certain characteristic tendencies of modern life and thought has; necessarily raised up a powerful opposition even in countries traditionally Catholic. France no longer deserves the title of eldest daughter of the Church; the Catholicism of Italy is largely superficial; even Spain has shown signs of restiveness.