Sentence Examples

  • Other lists of great Days stars may include Deidre Hall, the actress behind the long-suffering Marlena Evans and Drake Hogestyn, the man of many names who finally became just John Black.
  • While Erica was abandoned by her father, and took it out on her long-suffering mother, Mona (Frances Heflin), it really formed the backbone of Erica's reliance on family.
  • So far from representing man's righteousness as involving merit over against God, our author represents the greatest hero of Israel as declaring " Not for any virtue or strength of mine, but in His compassion and long-suffering was He pleased to call me " (xii.
  • We see him full of tenderness to animals, a virtue not common in Italy in spite of the example of St Francis; open-handed in giving, not eager in getting- "poor," he says, "is the man of many wants"; not prone to resentment - "the best shield against injustice is to double the cloak of long-suffering"; zealous in labour above all men - "as a day well spent gives joyful sleep, so does a life well spent give joyful death."
  • The fellahin, a patient, long-suffering race save when stirred by religious fanaticism, submitted to the kurbash, ~~t~2s freely used by the Turkish and Bashi Bazuk taxfdiahin.