Sentence Examples

  • Neither sect, it may be added, advocated sensuality pure and unfeigned - the Epicurean least of all.
  • That his admiration was unfeigned cannot be doubted; she had, however, a jointure of 600 and perhaps a.
  • The pure morality and simple-minded piety of this community seem early to have attracted Spinoza, and to have won his unfeigned respect.
  • On the other hand, there are in the book, in the description of Gargantua's and Pantagruel's education, in the sketch of the abbey of Thelema, in several passages relating to Pantagruel, expressions which either signify a sincere and unfeigned piety of a simple kind or else are inventions of the most detestable hypocrisy.
  • Left by the death of his grandfather and uncle the possessor of an independent fortune under his mother's sole guardianship, he was somewhat idle at the university, though he acquitted himself in the examinations with credit; but in his serious years he "could not look back without unfeigned remorse" on the opportunities he had then neglected.