Sentence Examples

  • With this fortification, Victor will have no power over you.
  • The first line of fortification was the work of Francis I.; the second line and the donjon date back to the 11th century.
  • In 1740-1745 a fortification called Nuestra Senora de los Angeles was erected at the entrance; it is still standing, on a steep bluff overlooking the sea, and is one of the most picturesque of the old fortifications of the island.
  • But as the result of a controversy with Montalembert, Carnot abandoned the official, or Vauban, theories of the art of fortification, and went over to the "perpendicular" school of Montalembert.
  • His great work on fortification appeared at Paris in 1810 (De la defense de places fortes), and was translated for the use of almost every army in Europe.