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Another word for garrison

  1. Militia

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  2. A fortress

      1. (Historical) A strong wooden fort with a projecting second story and openings in the walls for the defenders to shoot from
      2. A heavily reinforced building used for launch operations of missiles and space launch vehicles.
      3. A military fortification constructed of sturdy material, such as concrete, and designed with ports for defensive firing or observation.
      1. An area dominated or occupied by a special group or distinguished by a special quality:
      2. A place of survival or refuge:
      3. A place where a group having certain views, attitudes, etc. is concentrated
      1. An assigned station; a guard post.
      2. A stage of a post route
      3. (Short for) trading post
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      1. (Archaic) To escort as a guard.
      2. To serve as a guard.
      3. To watch over so as to prevent escape or violence:
      1. (Baseball) To swing at a pitch near (home plate) in order to avoid being called out on strikes.
      2. To keep from being subjected to difficulty or unpleasantness:
      3. To keep from being curtailed or exposed to risk:
      1. To add vitamins, minerals, etc. to (milk, etc.) so as to increase the nutritional value; enrich
      2. To build fortifications.
      3. To give emotional, moral, or mental strength to; encourage:
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