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Another word for space

  1. An extent, measured or unmeasured, of linear space

      1. A road, path, or highway affording passage from one place to another.
      2. An opening affording passage:
      3. Space to proceed:
      1. A thing considered as a unit or an element of a larger thing, quantity, or class; a portion:
      2. A portion or part that has been separated from a whole:
      3. An object that is one member of a group or class:
      1. To lengthen, widen, or distend:
      2. To cause to extend from one place to another or across a given space:
      3. To make taut; tighten:
      1. The state, quality, or fact of being long.
      2. The measurement of the extent of something along its greatest dimension:
      3. A piece, often of a standard size, that is normally measured along its greatest dimension:
      1. The extent of space between two objects or places; an intervening space.
      2. The fact or condition of being apart in space; remoteness.
      3. The length or numerical value of a straight line or curve.
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  2. A wide and open area, as of land, sky, or water

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  3. A rather short period

      1. A period of time:
      2. The time, effort, or trouble taken in doing something:
      3. As long as; during the time that:
      1. A nonspatial continuum in which events occur in apparently irreversible succession from the past through the present to the future.
      2. An interval separating two points on this continuum; a duration:
      3. A number, as of years, days, or minutes, representing such an interval:
      1. To name or write in order the letters constituting (a word).
      2. To constitute the letters of (a word):
      3. To add up to; signify:
      1. A small portion, degree, or amount:
      2. A brief amount of time; a moment:
      3. A short scene or episode in a theatrical performance.
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Another word for space

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  1. Room

      1. A number or grouping of things in the same category or within specified limits:
      2. An amount or extent of variation:
      3. The gamut of tones that a voice or instrument is capable of producing.
      1. The range of one's perceptions, thoughts, or actions:
      2. The opportunity or possibility to function or be active:
      3. The extent of a given activity or subject that is involved, treated, or relevant:
      1. A wide and open extent, as of surface, land, or sky.
      2. Expansion.
      3. The distance or amount of expansion.
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  2. A place

      1. The act of reserving; a keeping back or withholding:
      2. A limiting qualification, condition, or exception:
      3. A doubt or misgiving:
      1. The act or process of locating:
      2. A place where something is or could be located; a site.
      3. A site away from a studio at which part or all of a movie is shot:
      1. A roughly bounded part of the space on a surface; a region:
      2. A surface, especially an open, unoccupied piece of ground:
      3. A distinct part or section, as of a building, set aside for a specific function:
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  3. An interval in time

      1. A limited or established period of time that something is supposed to last, as a school or court session, tenure in public office, or a prison sentence.
      2. A point in time at which something ends; termination:
      3. The end of a normal gestation period:
      1. An interval of time characterized by the occurrence of a certain condition, event, or phenomenon:
      2. An interval of time characterized by the prevalence of a specified culture, ideology, or technology:
      3. An interval regarded as a distinct evolutionary or developmental phase:
      1. One of the four natural divisions of the year, spring, summer, fall, and winter, in the North and South Temperate zones. Each season, beginning astronomically at an equinox or solstice, is characterized by specific meteorological or climatic conditions.
      2. The two divisions of the year, rainy and dry, in some tropical regions.
      3. A recurrent period characterized by certain occurrences, occupations, festivities, or crops:
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  1. Group

      1. To divide and assign according to a plan; allot:
      1. A number or grouping of things in the same category or within specified limits:
      2. An amount or extent of variation:
      3. The gamut of tones that a voice or instrument is capable of producing.
      1. To arrange in a line or so as to be parallel:
      2. To adjust (parts of a mechanism, for example) to produce a proper relationship or orientation:
      3. To ally (oneself, for example) with one side of an argument or cause:
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  2. Interspace

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