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Another word for discretion

  1. The exercise of good judgment or common sense in practical matters

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  2. Unrestricted freedom to choose

      1. Disposition or attitude toward others
      2. The power of making a reasoned choice or decision or of controlling one's own actions
      3. The particular desire, purpose, pleasure, choice, etc. of a certain person or group
      1. A pleased feeling; enjoyment; delight; satisfaction
      2. A source of enjoyment or delight:
      3. One's preference or wish:
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Another word for discretion

  1. Cautious or prudent conduct

  2. Power to judge or act

      1. The act of using the will; exercise of the will as in deciding what to do
      2. The power or faculty of using the will
      3. A conscious or deliberate decision or choice thus made
      1. The right, power, or opportunity of prior choice or claim
      2. The right or chance to make a choice:
      3. The selection of one thing or person over others.
      1. The extent or degree of incline from a horizontal or vertical position, course, etc.
      2. Any action, practice, or thing, toward which one is inclined
      3. A characteristic disposition or tendency to act in a certain way; a propensity:
      1. The act of choosing; choice
      2. A contract or financial instrument granting such a right:
      3. The power or freedom to choose:
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