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Another word for discernment

  1. Skill in perceiving, discriminating, or judging

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Another word for discernment

      1. A perception produced by this ability.
      2. A clear understanding of the inner nature of some specific thing
      3. The ability to discern the true nature of a situation, especially by intuition.
      1. The ability to come to opinions about things; power of comparing and deciding; understanding; good sense
      2. A legal decision; order, decree, or sentence given by a judge or law court
      3. An opinion or estimate formed after consideration or deliberation, especially a formal or authoritative decision:
      1. The act of perceiving or the ability to perceive; mental grasp of objects, qualities, etc. by means of the senses; awareness; comprehension
      2. The understanding, knowledge, etc. gotten by perceiving
      3. Insight or intuition, or the faculty for these
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