Sentence Examples

  • In the process of hypnotizing his ten-year-old daughter Isabel, she began answering his questions before he even asked them, convincing Jose that she was clairvoyant.
  • Some astrologer's interpret this "twin" as a link to the spirit world, and interestingly enough, Gemini's may even have some talent for clairvoyant or medium work.
  • There certainly isn't a definitive answer, but many believe that a clairvoyant simply senses things that are beyond the capabilities of the average person's senses.
  • She was a mystic, with remarkable clairvoyant powers, and did great service as a nurse, a spy and a scout in the Civil War.
  • Trdume eines Geistersehers, erldutert durch Trdume der Metaphysik, " Dreams of a Ghost-seer (or Clairvoyant), explained by the Dreams of Metaphysic" (Eng.