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Another word for limp

  1. To walk in a lame way

      1. To walk or move along haltingly or with difficulty; limp.
      2. To put a device around the legs of (a horse, for example) so as to hamper but not prevent movement.
      3. To cause to limp.
      1. To fasten, connect, or attach:
      2. To move or raise by pulling or jerking:
      3. To get (a ride) by hitchhiking:
      1. A suspension of movement or progress, especially a temporary one:
      2. To cause to stop:
      3. To stop; pause:
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  2. To proceed or perform in an unsteady, faltering manner

      1. To miss one's step in walking or running; trip and almost fall.
      2. To proceed unsteadily or falteringly; flounder.
      3. To act or speak falteringly or clumsily:
      1. To move or stand unsteadily, as if under a great weight; totter.
      2. To cause to totter, sway, or reel:
      3. To astonish, shock, or overwhelm:
      1. To move with short sliding steps, without or barely lifting the feet:
      2. To dance casually with sliding and tapping steps.
      3. To shift from position to position or move from place to place:
      1. To mix together, especially confusedly:
      2. To mix (a drink or the ingredients of a drink), especially with a muddler.
      3. To put into a state of confusion; confuse:
      1. To touch or handle nervously or idly:
      2. To grope awkwardly to find or to accomplish something:
      3. To proceed awkwardly and uncertainly; blunder:
      1. A soft rich candy made of sugar, milk, butter, and flavoring.
      2. Nonsense; humbug.
      3. To fake or falsify:
      1. To move clumsily or with little progress, as through water or mud.
      2. To act or function in a confused or directionless manner; struggle:
      3. The act of floundering.
      1. To carry out badly or ruin through ineptitude; botch.
      2. To work or act ineptly or inefficiently.
      3. A clumsy or inept performance; a botch:
      1. To speak in a faltering manner.
      2. To move, act, or proceed clumsily.
      3. To make a buzzing sound.
      1. A mistake typically caused by ignorance or carelessness.
      2. To make a mistake.
      3. To move clumsily or haltingly.
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  1. Lacking in stiffness or firmness

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  2. Lacking energy and vitality or showing such a lack

Another word for limp

  1. Without stiffness

  2. Weak

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