Sentence Examples

  • In that regard it's a good idea to stick to easy quaffing reds, rosés and whites that are not big on drama, excessively flabby or condescendingly mawkish.
  • Muscular imbalances: A flabby butt might be the result of weak gluteal butt muscles and weak gluteal muscles might be the result of tight hip flexors.
  • So, when those players in the commercial retire from football and their abs get flabby and their hard muscles transform in to soft flab, maybe someone should point and laugh at them.
  • With 2003 scorching most of Europe, the wine is impressive compared to other overripe, flabby wines tasting more like prune juice recently tasted from the same region.
  • When a wine's acidity is too high, it's flavor is too tart and aggressive, too low and the wine will taste dull, bland and flabby.