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Another word for hobble

  1. To walk in a lame way

      1. To walk lamely, especially with irregularity, as if favoring one leg.
      2. To walk with or as with a lame or partially disabled leg or foot
      3. To move or proceed unevenly, jerkily, or laboriously, as because of being impaired, defective, damaged, etc.
      1. To fasten with a hook, knot, harness, etc.; unite; tie
      2. To move jerkily; walk haltingly; limp; hobble
      3. To move or raise by pulling or jerking:
      1. To stop; pause:
      2. To walk lamely or move in an irregular fashion.
      3. To limp.
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  2. To restrict the activity or free movement of

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  1. Something that physically confines the legs or arms

      1. (Archaic) Fetter; shackle
      2. A shackle or fetter, especially for the leg.
      1. A restraint or check on action or progress:
      2. Any of several devices used in fastening or coupling
      3. A device, usually one of a pair connected to a chain, that encircles the ankle or wrist of a prisoner or captive.
      1. The condition of being restrained, especially the condition of losing one's freedom:
      2. A means or instrument of restraining
      3. A device or other means of limiting movement, used to prevent the infliction of harm to self or others.
      1. Something that confines or restrains:
      2. A handcuff; fetter or shackle for the hand
      3. A device for confining the hands, usually consisting of a set of two metal rings that are fastened about the wrists and joined by a metal chain.
      1. Any tool, implement, device, apparatus, etc. made of iron
      2. A tonic, pill, or other medication containing iron and taken as a dietary supplement.
      3. Iron shackles or chains
      1. A restraining device consisting of a pair of strong, connected hoops that can be tightened and locked about the wrists and used on one or both arms of a prisoner in custody.
      2. Either of a pair of connected metal rings that can be locked about the wrists, as in restraining a prisoner
      1. A shackle or chain for the feet
      2. A device, usually one of a pair of rings connected to a chain, that is attached to the ankles or feet to restrict movement.
      3. A chain or similar object used to bind a person or animal – often by its legs (usually in plural).
      1. A series of closely linked or connected things:
      2. Tire chain
      3. An instrument used in surveying, consisting of 100 linked pieces of iron or steel and measuring 66 feet (20.1 meters).
      1. A substance or device, as glue, solder, or a chain, which holds things together or unites them
      2. A systematically overlapping or alternating arrangement of bricks or stones in a wall, designed to increase strength and stability.
      3. An electrostatic attraction between atoms or groups of atoms that forms a stable aggregate unit, such as a molecule or metal
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Another word for hobble

  1. To restrict

      1. To restrain in freedom of expression or action
      2. To put shackles on (someone); confine with shackles.
      3. To fasten or connect with a shackle or shackles
      1. To bind with fetters; shackle; chain
      2. To restrict or restrain:
      3. To hold in check; restrain; confine
      1. To obstruct movement on or in; block up:
      2. To fill with obstructions or with thick, sticky matter; stop up; jam
      3. To become thick or sticky, so as to clog
  2. To move as though hobbled