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Another word for alone

  1. Lacking the company of others

  2. Set away from all others

  3. Without equal or rival

  1. Without the presence or aid of another

  2. To the exclusion of anyone or anything else

Another word for alone

  1. Separate from others

  2. Exclusive of others

  3. Unique



  1. ignore, leave to oneself, isolate, refrain from disturbing;

    • let well enough alone

    Synonym Study

    • Lonesome suggests a longing or yearning for companionship, often for a particular person the child is lonesome for her mother
    • Lonely conveys a heightened sense of solitude and gloom the lonely sentinel walks his post
    • Solitary and the more poetic lone convey the same sense but suggest more strongly the lack of companionship or association a solitary tree in the meadow a lone wanderer
    • Alone , unqualified, denotes the simple fact of being by oneself or itself