Sentence Examples

  • And, with the glimmering aid of a Coach wristlet, he will ask for your name, because you look stylish, upscale, and the object dangling from your slender wrist makes you seem unattached yet, preoccupied.
  • Unattached Czech Social Democrats Of all races Poles Democrats Conservatives Populists .
  • Though unattached and unenlisted, he fought at Bull Run, and then returned to Washington, resigned his seat, and entered the Union army as colonel of the 31st Illinois Volunteers, which he organized.
  • Lower House: M mister,alists, 227; Conservatives, 105; Republicans, 42; Carlists, 9; Catalans, 7; Integrists, 2; Independents, ~ unattached, 3.
  • The army estimates for1910-1911show a total sum of £27,760,000 required for the home and colonial establishments, made up as follows (after deducting appropriations in aid): - 1 Does not include unattached list of officers, 853, or 736 R.A.M.C. officers not available until mobilization.