Sentence Examples

  • After the huge box office success of Footloose, Singer acted in other 1980s fare such as The Man with One Red Shoe, alongside Tom Hanks, The Falcon and the Snowman and Summer Heat.
  • Over the course of the film, Ariel leaves her boyfriend for Ren, challenges her parents and their rules, and ends the movie dancing alongside the other teen characters who just wanted to listen to some tunes and get footloose all along.
  • In Footloose, Lori Singer portrayed Ariel Moore, daughter of a small-town Bible-thumping pastor who has helped to make dancing and rock music illegal in the area, due to a tragedy that happened years before.
  • Although a slow seller at first, the Footloose soundtrack eventually rose to the number one spot on the Billboard Charts in April of that year, knocking Michael Jackson's Thriller out of that space.
  • The soundtrack features lots of songs by lots of people, including one guy that would have no career if not for film soundtracks, Kenny Loggins. 9 Million copies of Footloose were danced to.