Sentence Examples

  • These particles are free, or unbound, and bounce around looking for molecules to bind to in order to become complete at the molecular level.
  • "Unbound," Jilian said, releasing her.
  • They preferred an unwritten law, as Prutz suggests, partly because it suited the barristers (who often belonged to the baronage, for the Frankish nobles were "great pleaders in court and out of court"), and partly because the high court was left unbound so long as there was no written code.
  • Owen, Godbolt's Reports, 432), but unbound by any particular constitutions of council or pope; unless those constitutions had been " received " here by English councils, or so recognized by English courts (secular or spiritual) as to become part of the ecclesiastical custom of the realm.
  • I parked my home on wheels under a tree and unbound my reluctant guest.