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Another word for society

  1. Persons as an organized body

      1. Admirers or followers, especially of a famous person.
      2. The people as a whole; community at large
      3. A group of people sharing a common interest:
      1. Persons considered indefinitely
      2. A group of persons with common traditional, historical, or cultural ties, as distinct from racial or political unity
      3. Persons with regard to their residence, class, profession, or group:
      1. The condition of living with others
      2. A group of people forming a smaller social unit within a larger one, and sharing common interests, work, identity, location, etc.
      3. A group of people living in the same locality and under the same government.
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  2. A group of people united in a relationship and having some interest, activity, or purpose in common

      1. The 0-10-2 train configuration. Derived from the name of the only U.S. company to use that configuration.
      2. In England, a former combination of parishes for the joint administration of relief for the poor; also, a workhouse kept up by such a union
      3. A labor union.
      1. An association or a society of women.
      2. A group of women or girls joined together by common interests, for fellowship, etc.
      3. A chiefly social organization of women students at a college or university, usually designated by Greek letters.
      1. The administrative personnel of such a structure:
      2. A body of persons organized for some specific purpose, as a club, union, or society
      3. A group of persons organized for a particular purpose; an association or business.
      1. A style of building:
      2. (Ecclesiastical) Any of several grades of the Christian ministry:
      3. A condition in which freedom from disorder or disruption is maintained through respect for established authority:
      1. A compact or covenant made by nations, groups, or individuals for promoting common interests, assuring mutual protection, etc.
      2. A class or level of competition:
      3. An association or alliance of individuals, groups, or nations formed by such a covenant
      1. (Ecology) A group of species in a community that use similar environmental resources in a similar way, such as a group of songbirds that all glean insects from leaves.
      2. An association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect mutual interests and maintain standards.
      3. Any association for mutual aid and the promotion of common interests
      1. A social organization at a college or university, traditionally consisting of male students and designated by Greek letters.
      2. A group of men (or, sometimes, men and women) joined together by common interests, for fellowship, etc.; specif., a Greek-letter college organization
      3. The state or quality of being brothers; fraternal relationship or spirit; brotherliness
      1. The financial grant made to a fellow in a college or university.
      2. A close association of friends or equals sharing similar interests:
      3. The companionship of individuals in a congenial atmosphere and on equal terms:
      1. The act of uniting or of forming a union of states, groups, etc. by agreement of each member to subordinate its power to that of the central authority in common affairs
      2. A league or association formed by federating, especially a government or political body established through federal union.
      1. The national legislative body of a nation, especially a republic.
      2. An assembly or conference; specif., a formal assembly of representatives, as from various nations or churches, to discuss problems
      3. A single meeting, as of a political party or other group.
      1. Federal union of all the Canadian provinces and territories.
      2. The union of the British North American colonies of New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada, brought about July 1, 1867, under the name Dominion of Canada.
      3. In Newfoundland, the political union of Newfoundland with Canada.
      1. A group of people organized for a common purpose, especially a group that meets regularly:
      2. The team playing for or representing such an organization
      3. (Sports) An athletic team or organization.
      1. An organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in common; a society.
      2. The act of associating or the state of being associated.
      3. An organization of persons having common interests, purposes, etc.; society; league
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  3. People of the highest social level

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  4. A pleasant association among people

Another word for society

  1. Friendly association

  2. Organized humanity

  3. Those who indulge in wealth and leisure