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Another word for blue blood

  1. Noble rank or status by birth

      1. The act or process of bearing young; parturition:
      2. Noble or high status:
      3. Origin; extraction:
      1. The usually red fluid, consisting of plasma, red and white blood cells, etc., that circulates through the heart, arteries, and veins of vertebrates: blood is a tissue that carries oxygen, hormones, cell-building material, etc. to, and carbon dioxide and waste matter away from, the other tissues
      2. Temperament or disposition:
      3. The spilling of blood; murder
      1. Noble rank or status:
      2. A class of persons distinguished by high birth or rank and in Great Britain including dukes and duchesses, marquises and marchionesses, earls and countesses, viscounts and viscountesses, and barons and baronesses:
      3. The state or quality of being exalted in character.
      1. The members of the nobility, especially the French nobility.
      2. The quality of being noble; nobleness.
      3. Noble birth or condition.
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  2. People of the highest social level

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