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Another word for enact

  1. To put in force or cause to be by legal authority

  2. To play the part of

      1. To behave as though playing a role
      2. To play the part of; assume the dramatic role of:
      3. To perform in (a play)
      1. To perform the tasks or behaviors typically associated with (something), especially as part of one's character or normal duties:
      2. To play the part or role of in a creative production:
      3. To produce, especially by creative effort:
      1. To imitate the appearance, voice, or manner of; mimic:
      2. To assume the character or appearance of, especially fraudulently:
      3. (Now Rare) To represent in the form of a person; personify; embody
      1. To admit of being performed as specified
      2. To carry out or execute an action or process; esp., to take part in a musical program, act in a play, dance, etc. before an audience
      3. To give a public presentation of; present:
      1. To act or conduct oneself in a specified way:
      2. To behave in a teasing or joking manner; act in jest or sport:
      3. (Music) To perform on an instrument:
      1. To behave in an overdramatic or artificial manner.
      2. To play a pretended role; make believe.
      3. To play a role in a dramatic performance.
      1. To represent dramatically, as on the stage:
      2. To play a role; to depict a character or person.
      3. To play the part of as in a play or film
      1. To act as a spokesperson for.
      2. To act the part of (a character), as in a play
      3. To present, produce, or perform (a play, etc.)
  3. To produce on the stage

      1. To serve or function as a substitute for another:
      2. To appear to be
      3. To carry out an action:
      1. (Slang) To take; ingest; use
      2. Used to give emphasis, or as a legal convention
      3. To give; render
      1. To present something in a dramatic or melodramatic manner.
      2. To present or draw attention to in a dramatic way:
      3. To regard or present (actions, oneself, etc.) as though in a play; give dramatic quality to
      1. To present to view:
      2. To introduce or present (a speaker, the subject of a toast, etc.)
      3. To yield to change:
      1. To give a public presentation of; present:
      2. To present a dramatic or musical work or other entertainment before an audience.
      3. To act on so as to accomplish or bring to completion; execute; carry out (a task, process, etc.)
      1. To hold, carry, or point (a weapon) in a particular manner as a salutation or sign of honor, usually along the center axis of the body.
      2. To appear or be felt first during birth. Used of the part of the fetus that proceeds first through the birth canal.
      3. To give (a gift, donation, award, etc.) to a person, organization, etc.
      1. To be suitable for presentation on the stage
      2. To arrange and carry out:
      3. To present, represent, or exhibit on or as on a stage
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Another word for enact

  1. To legislate

  2. To act

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