Sentence Examples

  • Moreover, the English Houses claimed and exercised the power to legislate directly for Ireland without even the nominal concurrence of the parliament in Dublin.
  • The legal sovereign: the person or persons who, according to the law of the land, legislate or administer the government.
  • The proprietors were to legislate for the colony " by and with the advice, assent and approbation of the freemen."
  • 2 The council of Ancyra in 314, on the other hand, found it necessary to legislate in a somewhat different direction, - by its 14th canon enjoining its priests and clerks at least to taste meat at the love feasts.
  • The Supreme Court of the United States, on the other hand, has declared that, by the constitution, a government is ordained and established "for the United States of America" and not for countries outside their limits (Ross's Case, 140 U.S. 453, 464), and that no such power to legislate for annexed territories as that vested in the British crown in council is enjoyed by the president of the United States (Field v.