Sentence Examples

  • I didn't train and educate you because your grandfather or someone called me.
  • "Thought that train would never come," observed the boy.
  • Yes, but think of the sleigh bells and the sound of the train coming in from Ridgway, clanking and hooting, and billowing its black smoke.
  • And then I saw how good his heart is.  He's a train wreck, but he's honorable and capable of such good.  Kris pulled me into this world and assumed I'd do what I was told like a good little human.  But when I told Rhyn I wanted to leave him, he asked for another chance.  It's like he woke up then and realized he wasn't in Hell anymore or trapped by his brothers' expectations.
  • The mountain tribes on the road (the Oxii, Pers, Huzha), accustomed to exact blackmail even from the king's train, learnt by a bitter lesson that a stronger hand had come to wield the empire.

What's another word for train?

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