Sentence Examples

  • What she drew from the guitar would have had no meaning for other listeners, but in her imagination a whole series of reminiscences arose from those sounds.
  • It's a series of bunkers connected by tunnels, set up by the PMF to protect the people during the East-West War.
  • The Bafing follows a northward course for about 350 m., during which it descends by a series of rapids till it reaches a level of 360 ft.
  • The Baule flows north and in a series of loops reaches 14° 20' N., where it turns westward and in about 13° 30 N.
  • From July to October the level of the Senegal shows a series of fluctuations, with, however, a general increase till the end of August or beginning of September, when the maximum occurs.

What's another word for series?

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