Sentence Examples

  • "Well," said Dorothy, "I was born on a farm in Kansas, and I guess that's being just as 'spectable and haughty as living in a cave with your tail tied to a rock.
  • She watched his tail lights disappear down the road and wondered if she would ever see him again.
  • Both jumped to their feet and started around the cluster of boulders where Joseph had parked only to see the tail of Joseph Dawkins' Jeep as it bumped across the blanketing wave of wild flowers.
  • Pulling her hair into a pony tail, she secured it with a blue ribbon.
  • Nearly allied is the jumping Antechinomys laniger, of East Central Australia, an elegant mouse-like creature, with large oval ears, elongated limbs, a long and tufted tail and no first hind toe.

What's another word for tail?

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